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Islandora Camp BC 2016!

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Islandora is going back to British Columbia this year! July 18 - 20, Vancouver will become the second city to host a repeat Islandora Camp, following our wonderful first BC camp in February 2015. Our host this time is the British Columbia Electronic Library Network, a partnership between the Province of British Columbia and its post-secondary libraries. Registration and a Call for Proposals will be coming in a couple of months, on the camp webpage. British Columbia has a very active community of Islandora users and we hope they will join us as we return to their neighbourhood. This will also serve as both the West Coast and Canadian Islandora camp for 2016. Seating is limited, so watch for our announcement when registration opens!

We hope we'll see you here in July!

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Looking Back at iCampBC

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Last week we took Islandora Camp to Vancouver, BC for the first time, and it was pretty awesome. 40 attendees and instructors came together for three days to talk about, use, and generally show off what's new with Islandora. We were joined mostly by folks from around BC itself, with attendees from Simon Fraser University, the University of Northern British Columbia, Vancouver Public Library, Prince Rupert Library (one of the very first Islandora sites in the world!), Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and the University of British Colombia.

iCampBC featured the largest-ever Admin Track, with 29 of us coming together to build our own demo islandora sites on a camp Virtual Machine. With the help of my co-instructor, Erin Tripp from discoverygarden, we made collections, played with forms, and built some very nice Solr displays for cat pictures (and the occasional dog). While we were sorting out the front-end of Islandora, the Developer Track and instructors Mark Jordan and Mitch MacKenzie, were digging into the code and ended up developing a new demo module, Islandora Weather, which you can use to display the current weather for locations described in the metadata of an Islandora object (should you ever need to do that...)

For sessions, we had a great panel on Digital Humanties, within and outside of Islandora, featuring Mark Leggott (UPEI), Karyn Huenemann (SFU), Mimi Lam (UBC), and Rebecca Dowson (SFU). SFU's Alex Garnett and Carla Graebner took us on a tour of the tools that SFU has built to manage research data in Islandora. Justin Simpson from Artefactual showed us how Islandora and Archivemitca can play together in Archidora. Slides for these and most other presentations are available via the conference schedule.

Camp Awards were handed out on the last day (and tuques were earned via trivia. Can you name three Interest Groups without looking it up?). A few highlights:

  • So Many Lizards Award: Ashok Modi for all of his rescues in the Dev track
  • Camp Kaleidoscope Award: Kay Cahill, for rocking at least three laptops at one point
  • Camo Mojo Award: Karyn Huenemann, for infectious enthusiasm 

Thank you to all of our attendees for making this camp such a success. We hope some of you will join us for our next big event, the first Islandora Conference, this summer in PEI.

We had a feeling it was going to be a good week when us east-coast camp instructors got to leave behind this:

And were greeted by this:

Seriously, Vancouver. You know you're supposed to be in Canada too, right?

2015 Islandora Camps

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Another year, another lineup of Islandora Camps to bring the community together. We have a great roster of camps for 2015, hopefully providing all of you out there with at least one that's close and convenient so you can partake in islandora's secret sauce.

Dates are not quite set yet for the latter events, but here's the general schedule so you can plan ahead:

Islandora Camp BC - Vancouver, BC February 16 - 18
Islandora Camp EU2 - Madrid, Spain May 27 - 29
Islandora Conference (way more info on this in days to come) - August
Islandora Camp CT - Hartford, CT Late October or Early November
See you at Islandora Camp!

Islandora Camp BC - Instructors Announced!

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We are very pleased to share the roster of workshop instructors for the upcoming Islandora Camp in Vancouver, BC. Camp will, as usual, split up into two groups for hands-on Islandora time on the second day: one group exploring the front-end in the Admin track, and the other looking at code in the Developer track. Here are your instructors:

Developer Track

Mark Jordan is the Head of Library Systems at Simon Fraser University. He has been developing in Drupal since 2007 and is currently leading the effort to migrate SFU Library's digital collections to Islandora. He is a member of the Islandora 7.x-1.3 and 7.x-1.4 release teams and is component manager for several Islandora modules that deal with digital preservation (and developer of several other Islandora-related tools available at his GitHub page). He is also author of Putting Content Online: A Practical Guide for Libraries (Chandos, 2006). Mark taught in the Developer track at iCampCA in 2014.

Mitch MacKenzie is a Solution Architect at discoverygarden where he manages the execution of Islandora projects for institutions across North America and Europe. Mitch has been developing Islandora tools for three years and has been building with Drupal since 2006. His development contributions include the initial work on the Islandora Compound Solution Pack, Islandora Sync, Simple Workflow, and porting the XML Forms family of modules to Islandora 7. This is Mitch's first Islandora Camp as an instructor.

Admin Track

Melissa Anez has been working with Islandora since 2012 and has been the Community and Project Manager of the Islandora Foundation since it was founded in 2013. She spends her time arranging Islandora events, doing what she can to keep the Islandora community ticking along, and writing about herself in the third person in blog posts. Melissa taught in the Admin Track at several previous camps.

Erin Tripp is a librarian, journalist, and business development manager for an open source software services company. Personally, Erin believes in investing in people and ideas – making the open source software space a natural fit. Since 2011, Erin’s been involved in the Islandora project and has been involved in close to 30 different Islandora projects as a project manager. The projects ranged from consulting, installation, custom development, and data migrations. This is Erin's first Islandora Camp as an instructor.

The rest of Camp will be filled with sessions, and we want you to get up and lead the room. A Call for Proposals is open until December 15th. You can check out the slides linked on schedules from previous camps to see what kinds of presentations the community has given in the past.

iCampBC T-Shirt Logo Contest

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One of the features of Islandora Camp is the camp t-shirt given to all attendees. Every camp has its own logo. This is the logo won a free registration for our last Islandora Camp, in Denver:


 We want to give a free registration and a couple of extra t-shirts to the iCampBC attendee who comes up with the best logo to represent our first trip to western Canada.

Entries will be accepted through January 3rd, 2015. Entries will be put up on the website for voting and a winner will be selected and announced January 10th, 2015.

Here are the details to enter:

The Rules:

  • Camp Registration is not necessary to enter; anyone with an interest in Islandora is welcome to send in a design - however, the prize is a free registration, so you'll have to be able to come to camp to claim it.
  • Line art and text are acceptable; photographs are not.
  • You are designing for the front of the shirt for an area up to 12 x 12 inches. Your design must be a single image.
  • Your design may be up to four colours. The t-shirt colour will be determined in part by the winning design.
  • By entering the contest you agree that your submission is your own work. The design must be original, unpublished, and must not include any third-party logos (other than the Islandora logo, which you are free to use in your design) or copyrighted material.

The Prizes:

  • One free registration to Islandora Camp BC (or a refund if you are already registered)
  • An extra t-shirt with your awesome logo
  • Bragging rights

How to Enter:

  • Please submit the following by email to
    • Your full name
    • A brief explanation of your logo idea
    • Your logo entry as an attachment. Minimum 1000 x 1000 pixels. High-resolution images in .eps or .ai format are preferred. We will accept .png and .jpg for the contest, but the winner must be able to supply a high resolution VECTOR art version of their entry if it is selected as the winner. Don't have a vector program? Try Inkscape - it's free!
  • Entries will be accepted through January 3rd, 2015.


  • Multiple entries allowed.
  • Submissions will be screened by the Islandora Team before posting to the website for voting.
  • By submitting your design, you grant permission for your design to be used by the Islandora project, including but not limited to website promotions, printed materials and (of course) t-shirt printing.
  • We reserve the right to alter your image as necessary for printing requirements and/or incorporate the name and date of the camp into the final t-shirt design. You are free to include these yourself as part of your logo.
  • The Islandora Team reserves the right to make the final decision.

Previous Camp Logos

Thank you and good luck!

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